Join us for a Day in the Sky

Balloons Above owner, Wil LaPointe was in the cellular communications business in the late 1980’s when he saw his first hot air balloon in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. He immediately realized the potential to draw a crowd, so he purchased a rooftop type to advertise his business. One day, a salesman stopped by who was also a balloon pilot. Although Wil had never been “up” in a balloon, he purchased a red, white and blue passenger balloon, perfect to promote his U.S. Cellular business. The pilot took him for his first ride and he was hooked on the experience.

Wil then trained to be a licensed pilot and became quite successful at competitive racing, eventually being ranked #5 in the entire country. He has been having the time of his life introducing people to the joy of hot air ballooning for the last twenty years.

Old Ford Model T

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