Hot Air Balloon Flights in Laquinta CAlifornia

Experience the majesty of the California countryside with one of our fully customizable hot air balloon tours.

Fly with our expert pilots

We've been flying hot air balloons across Southern California for over 3 generations now, and our pilots are certified by the FAA. Offering years of experience, we have mastered the art of flying these majestic aircrafts - which is why you should choose us!


Experience the majesty of the California countryside

There are four seasons in Laquinta, each one more beautiful than the last! Our balloons fly regardless of the weather, so regardless of what season it is, we'll be ready!

Your magical journey awaits you

Each flight is wonderful, but your adventure truly begins when you take off. Watch as everything below begins to shrink before your eyes, until all you see are stars in every direction!

Perfect for all occasions

Balloons Above offers customized packages to suit any occasion, whether it's a romantic proposal or a corporate event. We'll make sure it's an experience you'll never forget!