Hot Air Balloon Flights in Palm Desert

Balloons Above offers the most unforgettable hot air balloon experience in Palm Desert. We are committed to providing quality customer service, professional pilots, and safe flights.

Picture perfect views

Palm Desert is one of the best places to see the sunrise and sunset, and the Balloons Above offer a great view of both. See these natural wonders from a completely different perspective - while floating above them!


Ready to set your heart free? Book now and let us help you live out your dreams by offering you a flight to heights you never thought possible.

Get out of your comfort zone

Our pilots guarantee that you'll get the experience of a lifetime. You'll be looking down on life from a whole new perspective - Palm Desert. This is an experience that will open up your mind and give you hope for the future. Balloons Above's hot air balloon rides not only offer the best flight experience but also an unmatched photo opportunity for capturing memories that will last a lifetime!